Dreaming about millions while lying on the couch without getting out – you see, it’s just ridiculous .

Even if every day you admire the “wealth map” made by yourself.

That is why millions of families “pull paycheck to paycheck” or even live below the poverty line. But in order to permanently get rid of problems with money and gain financial well-being, you need not so much. In today’s article, we will talk about how anyone can improve their “relationship” with money.

Where is my money or the Habit of being rich Three first steps to financial well-being

So, meet the first three steps to financial well-being:

1) Inspecting our thoughts

Unfortunately, for centuries our culture has developed a negative image of a rich person.

“Stolen”, “huckster”, “huckster” – this is what you can hear about wealthy male representatives (they speak even worse about women). And not even the slightest thought is allowed that this person honestly earned his capital: with his talents and abilities, the ability to take risks in a balanced way and competently manage finances.

So in the subconscious, a tough confrontation between two messages begins: “I want to be rich” and “All the rich bastards.”

IMPORTANT: Until such a biased attitude changes, you will not see big money and prosperity as your ears.

WHAT TO DO: Start talking to rich people (or at least read articles, books, interviews, autobiographies about them). By carefully studying their path to big money, you can find a lot of nuances in their behavior, attitude to life – and learn how to earn money yourself.

2) Money doesn’t fall from the sky

Often people see only “one side of the moon” of wealth: expensive houses and cars, multi-million dollar celebrations and … envy, envy, envy!

But for some reason, they don’t notice that in order to achieve a certain financial level, a person works 12-16 hours a day (remember, for example, the legendary film Pretty Woman, when the main character could not even set aside one day for rest).

In the age of the Internet, making good money has become much easier.

It became unnecessary to go to the market to sell things made with one’s own hands or grown crops.

IMPORTANT: The hour that you spend watching TV or surfing the Internet aimlessly can be devoted to additional earnings, which means that there will be more money in your family.

WHAT TO DO: Plan to spend 2 evenings on weekdays looking for online earning opportunities. And two more evenings to earn your first money on the Internet.

* I will share my personal example: It takes me 2-3 hours a day to write an article in Yandex Zen. For this, Zen pays me 2-3 thousand rubles a day. In my opinion, a very good exchange of my time for money!

3) We grow money

No, we ourselves will not, like Pinocchio, bury gold on the Field of Wonders in the Land of Fools.

When savings appear (even the smallest amount), they should begin to “work”, and not lie in a “jelly” for the joy of voracious inflation.

IMPORTANT: No one is forcing you to constantly monitor stock quotes and gamble on the stock exchange.

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