Proper nutrition in the “anti-stress lifestyle” plays an important role. I will not delve into the various options for “calming” or “activating” diets, but I will outline the main recommendations.
– do not abuse refined, yeast products and GMOs;
– eat more fruits, vegetables, juices;
– do not overeat, especially at night, and try not to get up at night to refresh yourself;
– try to stick to your chosen diet for a long time;
– Eat regularly and in a calm environment, not on the run;
– Do not think about anything negative while eating.

The importance of physical activity in reducing stress is also hard to overestimate. Everyone knows I think, the saying “ Movement is life. ”. Ask yourself questions: Do I play sports? How often? Do I enjoy these activities? In the modern world, there are many ways and opportunities for physical exercise for every taste and budget. Starting from home conditions with “improvised means”, ending with fitness rooms and sports associations. It is only important that this question and these classes are necessary for you. Regular exercise not only helps to maintain a good physical shape but also significantly reduces the level of psycho-emotional stress. The brain gets the necessary respite from everyday worries and tasks. This happens because during exercise the mind is busy coordinating movements. You are concentrating on the lesson. But, it should be noted that speaking of sports, I do not mean big or team sports; by and large, in addition to the above options, the usual half-hour walk is also suitable. While the body is in motion, the mind does not stagnate and fixate on problems; thanks to external liveliness, the movement also penetrates the train of thought. Plus, when moving, brain cells are supplied with new energy through oxygen.

Here is a fairly simple exercise that will help you feel better in a situation of fatigue and lack of energy. Go for a short and as vigorous walk as possible. If you’re feeling angry, go for a 10-15 minute jog, dance to fast music, or jump rope. After these simple exercises, you will be able to feel your body, restore mental and physical balance, reducing psycho-emotional stress, stress will recede.

Next, let’s talk about how to maintain peace of mind and clear work of the mind. This is especially necessary for knowledge workers, and those whose activities require the adoption of balanced and deliberate decisions.

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