The iPhone 14 could all ship a 120 Hz Promotion screen and 6 GB of RAM.

Apple’s plans for the next few months are gradually taking shape. After the evocation of an iPhone SE + 5G yesterday, the iPhone 14’s turn to be talked about.

120 Hz for all?

According to information shared by Jeff Pu, all versions of the iPhone 14 would be entitled to a Promotion screen with an adaptive refresh rate reaching 120 Hz.

Remember that with regard to the iPhone 13, only the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max have such a screen. The iPhone 13 and mini are content with a 60 Hz panel. The next generation of iPhone could thus offer an upgrade on this criterion for the two least expensive models.

Nevertheless, Ross Young plays the bird of bad omen and believes
for his part that it will be necessary to wait until the iPhone 15 to see 120 Hz screens become widespread. We will know which of the two analysts is right in a few months, the iPhone 14 being expected in September 2022.

4 to 6 GB of RAM

A better screen would not be the only improvement that the more modest iPhone 14 would benefit from. Still according to Jeff Pu, the four versions of the smartphone would be based on 6 GB of RAM. Again, for comparison with the iPhone 13s, the standard and mini models have 4GB of RAM, and the Pro models have 6GB.

As you will have understood, there would therefore be no upgrade for the iPhone Pro. However, Jeff Pu was previously counting on iPhone 14 Pro with 8 GB of RAM. Finally, Apple would have revised its ambitions downwards.

Finally, know that Jeff Pu also gave some confidences about storage capacities and sensors. He thinks that Apple will offer the iPhone 14s with a minimum internal storage capacity of 64 GB, compared to 128 GB currently. On the other hand, the Pro models would be directly offered with at least 256 GB, and no longer 128 GB.

Finally, about the cameras, the iPhone 14 Pro would inherit at least a 48 MP sensor.

Source: MacRumors

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