Hello! We have already touched on the issue that when the social space changes, the relationship within the space, in groups, and so on, also changes. How do I notice that the space is changing? For questions asked by parents at the reception. Because when you have been working for more than half a quarter of a century, you understand that questions have begun to be asked differently. They come with the same dysfunctions, but they ask completely different questions. A year ago, I was very stressed and angry by the situation when some acquaintances decided to make a website on which it would be possible to understand by the algorithm what to do with their child. Why did it piss me off? Because I was asked to be a speaker there.

I am against such things. I have always believed and believed that’s how I was taught that an online consultation is not a consultation, it is an analysis and a preview. It is impossible, for example, instead of the initial appointment and examination and physical testing, to talk on the phone and be cured. It is quite possible if this problem is purely psychological, but there are no such pure ones either. Maybe connected with somatics, then psychosomatics. Or maybe with psychiatry, the person is physically, mentally unhealthy. Talk on the phone and let it escalate. Whether it is not enough that there the person will think?

That is, all these things are extremely complex – this is such a prelude. Now there are a lot of different platforms: each group is trying to duplicate Facebook, only in the Russian version, or somewhere else, and they are trying to do it. There is one community called the “expert” community. I will not specifically say that there is no ban or advertising. In this community, it’s interesting, I think, let’s see – what do you consider to be an expert? The question comes to me, as a candidate for experts. That is, they want to prove my expertise. I do not know how they will prove it, but let them.

The question comes up: are there any scientific studies that say why it is impossible to put a 2-month-old baby on its feet? To be honest, I thought for so long how to answer, for one simple reason, because, excuse me – two months. If physiology, biology, or the creator (no matter who you believe in) made the baby stand at 2 months, then he would have stood already. Why does it take us about a year to start walking after birth, about a year? Excuse me, the calf, falling out of the mother, lies down for an hour and gets on its feet and can already move after it. In another life, how different is it that a deer has time for 9 months to sit next to an unmoving deer? Kangaroo, yes, she gives birth to who knows what and then bears in a bag. That is, the function of all marsupials was that they give birth to a premature baby, but then they carry it around in a bag. But we don’t have bags. That is, what evidence is needed for this parent that it is impossible to bet? The simplest are unfinished bones, not fully formed internal organs and endocrine glands, there is no complete ossification of the skull, and the functions of the brain have not yet been fully developed. At 2 months, the cerebellum is still underdeveloped to the state of how it should be developed. Otherwise, they simply would not get out of the mother. And a lot of things. Otherwise, they simply would not get out of the mother. And a lot of things. Otherwise, they simply would not get out of the mother. And a lot of things.

What proof does he need? What evidence for this person will be an argument? Because he appeals “is there such research in evidence-based medicine?”. And evidence-based medicine believes that a baby at 2 months should not get up at all. He leads – I was at the traumatologist, who says that he should be put on his legs; and a neurologist who says he shouldn’t be put on his feet. But then it turns out to be a question of a specialist. A specialist, maybe he said something correctly, but he simply heard the parent the way he wanted. And the fact that the neurologist said that it is not necessary. The neurologist, for example, did not like this parent, he does not want to listen to him. He addresses this issue in some communities. Okay, I know that the doctor is finished, I have certain educational documents, but anyone can answer this question there.

I immediately recall yesterday, where a one-and-a-half-month-old cub was brought for a consultation, where there is a very tough conflict between the mother of the child and her mother-grandmother. Because a grandmother is a person who knows something and understands something, she is not a doctor, she is a paramedical staff who does certain manipulations with other children and is engaged in restoring their speech functions and so on – she works with this. But he is by no means an expert for his daughter for one simple reason: there are old conflicts between “mother-daughter” and what the mother of her daughter tried to impose caused her daughter to reject. When she became a mother, she no longer perceives her mother’s tips as tips, she believes that this is another hit-and-run. You should have seen the grandmother, who just stood there and just smiled from the top of her head when I told my mother all the same things that she told her daughter. But she only listened to me, because I am an absolute stranger to her, carrying some kind of specific expert knowledge, and her mother is not a specialist.

Therefore, nevertheless, whether we want it or not, we live in such a society, in such a society where there is no opportunity for each of us to be an expert in all areas. To record this video, I ask the person who deals with the video to help me. He is engaged in what he shoots, what he mounts, and this is a specialist. Yes, I can, of course, set up the camera myself and say something to it, but I invite this specialist because I should not understand better than he does. This is what he understands. But he will come to me when he needs me as a specialist.

Contact the experts and stop being amateurs. There is no need to increase this time and the burden of amateurism and pass it on to our children. Be healthy and take care of yourself.

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