How do I know if I have depression?

     Such a question may arise in a person who notices a lowered mood that is not typical for him for a long time, approximately more than 2 weeks. He may have negative thoughts about himself and others, feelings of resentment and guilt intensify , appetite decreases or vice versa may increase, he does not understand what is happening with his internal sensations in the body and feelings, where joy is not joy and anger is not anger, maybe even feeling of complete emptiness, emotional and physical emptiness. Decreased attention and concentration. Loss of interest in those things that were important before and brought pleasure. The frequency of social contacts and interactions decreases, most often the state “do not touch me, I want to be alone.” Weakness in the body. I want to sleep or lie down all the time , but even if this is done, the strength and energy are still not replenished. The dream is starting to deteriorate. A person begins to wake up often at night, may wake up in the early morning, or vice versa, cannot fall asleep, even if there are no thoughts in his head, or insomnia may completely overtake. Health is deteriorating, digestion and stool are disturbed, the heart begins to act up, libido decreases, in women depression can be expressedeven in violations of the menstrual cycle, and in men, a sexual disorder may occur. Some may start drinking more alcohol than usual, use narcotic drugs, become addicted to sleeping pills, sedatives or energy drinks, and increase their intake of caffeine and caffeinated products to help them cope with this intolerable condition. Due to constant thoughts about one’s own insignificance and worthlessness, killing self-pity and hatred, a person may have suicidal thoughts and intentions.

    The ICD-10 identifies a number of characteristic symptoms of depression . These symptoms are related to physiological manifestations, I will write about psychological ones another time. I also included symptoms from the DSM-5 in this list, so that you can more accurately identify signs of depression in yourself or a loved one and seek help in time. And so we drove!

Main symptoms:

  • Painful low mood (abnormal for a person), which changes little from day to day, does not depend on circumstances.
  • Anhedonia – significantly reduced interest and ability to feel pleasure in almost all areas of activity (nothing interesting, no pleasure).
  • Decreased energy and increased fatigue ( feeling tired or losing energy).

Additional symptoms:

  • Decreased concentration, decreased productivity of thinking, or difficulty making decisions.
  • Reduced self-esteem, feeling of self-doubt .
  • Ideas of guilt and self-abasement (feelings of inferiority or unreasonable guilt).
  • Ideas, thoughts, actions about self-harm and suicide.
  • Recurring thoughts about death (not just fear of death).
  • A bleak, pessimistic vision of the future.
  • Sleep disturbance of any type (insomnia or excessive sleepiness).
  • Decreased / increased appetite, change in appetite.

Somatic syndromes – a set of symptoms:

  • Depression is worse in the morning (SPECIAL WARNING!!!)
  • Weight change of 5% or more (not related to dieting).
  • Decreased libido.
  • Noticeable decrease in appetite (PARTICULAR ATTENTION!!!)
  • Waking up early in the morning, at dawn (PARTICULAR ATTENTION!!!)
  • Andedonia.
  • Motor retardation.

From all of the above, it is important to record the following: depressed mood for more than 2 weeks, there are at least 2 main and 2 additional symptoms.

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