In a blog post, Google presented the future design of Gmail. The latter uses the codes used by Outlook, in particular seeking to better integrate all the applications and functionalities of Workspace. The new interface will be deployed in beta in the coming days and globally from the second quarter of 2022.

Update after update, Google improves Workspace to make it a must-have tool for professionals. Above all, this requires a clear and intuitive design , allowing both to save time while displaying key information directly. Last June, the Cupertino company therefore reworked the interface of its service , now accessible free of charge to all Gmail users.

Barely 6 months later, it is back with yet another new design. From February 8, the mailbox will be dressed in a brand new appearance aimed at integrating Google Chat, Meet and Spaces more smoothly . To do this, the publisher was visibly inspired by Microsoft’s work on Outlook, in particular by having new tabs on the left of the screen.



In this way, Google removes pop-up windows for direct messages and gives them a dedicated space occupying the entire screen. The buttons, meanwhile, take up the Material You design inspired by Android 12, which already appeared on the box last September . The idea is once again to better integrate all the tools. After the recent addition of filters , the firm is again improving the search bar, the results of which will also take into account those of chats , similar to what was done with Hangouts.

google sheets new design


As you can see in the screenshot above, documents from the Workpace suite will be able to open in the same window , allowing you to keep an eye on the ongoing conversation and add a message to it. This interface will be available in beta from February 8. All users will be able to enjoy it in April, with the option to roll back until the end of Q2 2022 . Beyond this date, the design will be imposed definitively.

Source: Google

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