Last year I heard about this method for the first time. Yes, that happens too.

After reading about him what was on the Internet, I became interested, but questions remained. Too many incomprehensible, a huge number of hoaxes. And yet, I decided that I needed to get to know the EMDR (EMDR) more closely.

First, I went to therapy. The therapist worked not in the classical version of the technique, but with the help of a special apparatus. In principle, there is no difference, but at that moment the presence of some kind of electronic contraption added significance to the process for me.

Regarding my impression as a client, I want to say: I have never come to the essence of the issue so quickly and worked through it with such speed. I was genuinely impressed.

My next step was to study the issue of education. Training takes place in many places. As a supporter of the academic approach, I began to look for associations. Association found. And as I expected, training in the association is also possible. As it turned out, there are not so many specialists who can teach, definitely not as many as the Internet gives out offers. Only trained trainers certified by the National and European or American Associations are eligible to teach EMDR. Dear colleagues, if you want to study the technique, I strongly recommend that you pay attention to this.

Unfortunately, Francine Shapiro, the founder of the method, died this year, and it is no longer possible to learn from her. Although it must be admitted that in the past there were not many chances.

We were taught by Udi Oren – Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, President of the European EMDR Association, co-founder, and head of the Israeli branch of the European EMDR Association. Learning from him is an amazing experience.

What to say about the method. There is a huge amount of information on the Internet. I will try to explain the essence in my own words.

I won’t write about how Francine Shapiro discovered the technique, all this information is on the Internet. I’ll try to explain in simple terms how it works.

EMDR (DPG) – desensitization and processing by eye movement, this is how the decoding of the method sounds in Russian. This, of course, cannot be called in simple language, and if users without special education read this article, then in order not to frighten anyone, let’s call it “eliminating hypersensitivity” to all sorts of situations. Recycling will be discussed below. Eye movements are tracking the movement of the therapist’s hand during the session.

Correctly, from a scientific point of view, why the technique works so far cannot be explained. But in a fairly simple way, they explain how. I will also try, will take the example that I use to explain the work to my clients.

Let’s say someone had an unpleasant event in their childhood. Namely, an angry dog ​​attacked him in the courtyard of his house. Let’s say she didn’t touch the man, they dragged her away in time, but the fright was very strong. Here it is necessary to pay attention that our brain is arranged in such a way that its first task is to survive at any cost. Since at that moment it seemed to him – the brain that the situation was critical and threatened its functioning, the following happens: all the neurons that participated in the situation, in its response and other related content, are “encapsulated” by the brain. The term encapsulated was used by Udi, so I will do the same. Of course, no capsule is formed, but the picture is clear. Relatively speaking, access to neurons associated with the situation is closed.

Since each neuron has thousands or even tens of thousands of connections with other neurons, it will not be possible to completely cut off the connection, or even some functions may fly out. Therefore, some connections with this “capsule” remain.

What do we get as a result? Since some connections remain, some aberrations (deviations) are possible, so, for example, with the plot described above, this person can later, in principle, be afraid of all animals, or simply feel uncomfortable in the presence of a chihuahua. Or maybe not like walking in the yard. It is never known which link remains the connecting link.

By conducting bilateral stimulation – using the hemispheres of the brain in turn (the same magic steps from the Internet), the therapist helps the client’s brain again access the “encapsulated” memory and build it into a standard series of memories. In the process of work, abreaction occurs, that is, awareness of repressed traumatic events and their re-experiencing from a safe place.

As for the work in the method: despite the apparent simplicity, it is strictly regulated, so there is a three-step protocol that includes eight phases of work in EMDR.

On the Internet, I tried to find an example of working according to the protocol. Of the many examples of the work of our “specialists”, what they just don’t do and twist the eights and read mantras, nothing looks like a basic protocol. I was very upset, they greatly discredit the method, in my opinion, but we have no supervision in our country, therefore I urge everyone to be careful and ask the specialist you choose for therapy or training as many questions as possible. There are many works of foreign colleagues. If you know the language, I highly recommend looking for demonstration sessions with therapists from Europe or America.

I hope the article turned out to be useful, and the method became more understandable and less magical, I will be happy to answer questions.

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