Anxiety is a negative internal emotional state. Internally, it manifests itself as a feeling of anxiety, excitement, worry, expectation of something bad. Outwardly, it manifests itself as absent-mindedness, restlessness. Worry is a way of thinking ahead that often leads to feelings of anxiety, anticipation of unhappiness. Anxiety is expressed by fear in relation to future events, the unknown. We worry excessively and always think of the worst-case scenario. Often, anxiety, anxiety appears from nowhere, for no reason. But in fact, there is a reason, but it is not realized, it is invisible. And there are reasons for concern. A person anticipates trouble, trouble, but cannot do anything or does not know how to avoid it. He cannot change this situation. He worries

     Anxiety is a feeling that every person has felt at least once in their life. When anxiety appears, muscle tension, fussiness, inability to relax, it is difficult to concentrate. During the period of anxiety, a person feels excitement, anxiety, fear, stress. Anything can be the cause of anxiety. It seems that everything is fine with us, everything is fine, there is no reason to worry, but we begin to think, chew on different situations, and what if everything goes wrong and problems begin, we are overcome by anxiety, anxiety. With our negative thoughts, we ourselves create and attract problems and troubles.

         We are always worried about everything:

  • When there are various options for solving a problem, a choice must be made.
  • When we did not yet have such experience that we could rely on, when everything is unknown.
  • When it is not clear how further events will develop.

Situations when everything is uncertain, it is not known what to expect have always worried us.

        It is natural to worry, it worries about real events, problems. This can help you solve a problem, plan some action, help you get the desired result. Worry will become a problem if it prevents you from living the way you want, controls your life, causes anxiety, drains your strength, upsets you. Then you need to limit the time you spend worrying and start taking steps to maintain psychological well-being, take care of your well-being:

  1. Doing things that bring you pleasure and joy more often gives you a sense of accomplishment.
  2. Let go of worry and focus on something else. Meet, communicate, study, fill yourself with new positive information.
  3. Say “not now” to your anxiety.
  4. Being mindful will help you let go of worry and return to the present moment. We must learn to live in the here and now.

    It is necessary to control your anxiety, and then it will not harm you, but will benefit you, for psychological well-being.

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