This is why you shouldn’t fap: you waste entire years of your life indulging in mindless acts of self-pleasure.

You won’t be able to talk to women.

I am 28 days strong and I can talk to women now, but I neglected so many aspects of my life due to fapping, due to what fapping did to my brain that it affected every decision I’ve taken and now, even if I can bring myself to talk to women, most of what I have to say is dull and kind of pathetic at best when compared to men of my age range.

Women in real life don’t look like women in porn. They are not wearing makeup all the time. They are not giggling at every stupid thing you say. They won’t say yes to anything. They are also busy with their lives, have their own opinions and they do age. Women in porn are ageless. You are looking at a still picture taken 10 years ago.

It is a lie.

And you are falling into that lie when you go to porn.

The price? YOUR LIFE.

I neglected my health and physique. I am working towards fixing that now, but at my age, that’s a long way to go and one I most likely will lose.

Due to getting instant pleasure watching beautiful people do things I never dared even to ask a partner, I am left:

Borderline poor.

No life prospect.


With poor health.

No passions in life.

I’m working on getting my life on track. I won’t succeed. I am not going to make it. Even if I succeed and stick with it, I will probably achieve 5% of my full potential at this age. 10% at most.

The rest is gone. Forever.

Is this what you want?

Look at me.

I won’t quit.

I will keep going. I will give it my all.

If I have to go, I will go kicking and spitting and I will laugh knowing I went that way.

But know this: I already lost, in many ways. It is just not about social anxiety or whatever. It’s about your future.

It’s about YOU.

Free pornography available everywhere is new. There was no time before this when you could access the kind of material out there so easily and freely. We are the first ones in history who have fallen to its corruption.

Fifty years from now, there will be laws protecting men from this.

These laws will be based on subs like this, and people like me.

Wasted potential. The time I can never regain.


Whoever you hoped to become. Whoever you think you have a chance to be. Whoever you are working on becoming.


It hurts you, and no one else but you.

This is why you don’t fap.

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